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Interview with Team Leader Stipe Babić

When did you start working for Zeus Prima?

I started working for Zeus Prima on the 7th of September 2020. This year, I received an anniversary e- mail regarding the start of my employment and I think that it is nice to be reminded of this and to be thanked for being a part of the company. I am more than happy to have made the decision to do so.

What has your experience been so far? (team, atmosphere, how do you feel in your workspace…)

Among the many advantages of working for Zeus Prima, the one I appreciate the most is working from home. Avoiding commuting to work, saving time and working from the comfort of your home is a huge benefit and something I believe everyone can agree on. Here is a situation everyone has been in. Waking up, looking through the window and seeing that it is raining outside and knowing that you have to catch a bus or a tram in order to get to the crowded and busy office. That is not the case here, because your home is your office. Apart from that, in Zeus, a lot of different projects are being offered, so you will definitely find something of interest to you. The communication between colleagues and supervisors is easy and efficient with our internal application, through which colleagues can report any problems they are having right away. Although we are working remotely, there is no feeling of being alone. If any problems come up, they are dealt with promptly and the issue at hand is addressed immediately.

Tell us about your promotion.

My promotion came unexpectedly. I started with a project in its early stages, when there were only a few agents. After some time, the team started growing and Aleksandra, our project manager, called me and offered me the opportunity to give her a hand in some of her assignments. I accepted the offer and since then I have learned quite a lot. I am still looking forward to the new things that I will learn while working for Zeus Prima.

Tell us something about the communication between all stakeholders.

As I have already mentioned, the communication in the company is great. Through the app, a lot of internal communication is made simpler and more accessible. Larisa and Ostoja are also very approachable and ready to help when issues come up.

How is the sense of belonging created when working remotely?

Through daily communication with other colleagues, monthly one-on-ones and team feedback, there is no feeling of being alone. In case of an issue, our colleagues can contact us on different platforms or simply call us and the issue will be resolved as soon as possible. The important thing here is that the issue at hand is addressed momentarily and that the colleague who is experiencing it knows that he is not alone and that others are working on it while communicating with him.