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Interview with Team Leader Aleksandra Milenković

When did you start working for Zeus Prima?

I started working for Zeus Prima two years ago. I first started as a student working on the phone, but I have been managing one of the larger company projects for more than a year now.

What has your experience been so far? (team, atmosphere, how do you feel in your workspace…)

In these two years, I have had many positive experiences, but the best one was the design of a successful project from its beginnings until today. I have been the manager of the COEO project from the very beginning; all agents have undergone my training and I am incredibly proud to see how successful the project has been. That makes the work seem much easier – this is how a pleasant atmosphere is created and how mutual respect is achieved. And, of course, we have the best workplace – our homes.

Tell us about your promotion.

After a few months of working for the company, Larisa and Ostoja offered me the position of Account Manager for the COEO project. I was not expecting this opportunity because I had been hired as a student, but Larisa and Ostoja recognized my potential and the effort I was putting in. I am extremely grateful since students usually don’t have the opportunity to advance until they are officially employed and until they have gained a certain amount of experience, which was not the case with Zeus Prima.

Tell us something about the communication between all stakeholders.

In the last few years, the population has gradually adapted and we are becoming an information society. Working from home has never been easier thanks to the technology we use every day. The same goes for interpersonal communication. It takes place via various channels in order to secure a timely reaction. Communication with the team and with colleagues has thus never been easier, since we are all using those channels that we are already used to.

How is the sense of belonging created when working remotely?

How can you create a sense of belonging to the team when everyone is working from home? This is a complex question, but the answer is simple – regular communication. Regular group meetings and group activities are necessary in order for the colleagues to be more than just a name on the other end of the line.

Is there anything else that you want to share?

The most important and most valuable thing about Zeus Prima is the sense of belonging it provides. I know that I am respected and that my opinion matters. Likewise, it was always important for me as a student to finish college while working, and Larisa’s and Ostoja’s support in that regard has always meant a lot to me. They also made it possible for me to complete professional training in Germany, with one of our clients.